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Basic Information

At EIC everything is focused on students receiving guidance and an integral service both academically and in their personal development.

Our students benefit from an excellent personalized education centered on their needs and ambitions.

How to find us

La escuela

Student Office

The student office is there to help current students and alumni with queries and procedures related to their qualifications, records, certificates and other administrative services.

Welcome Service

Students have our welcome and general information service at their disposal, to help make their time at the center and the city a great personal and professional experience.

International Scholarships

Who can Apply?

International students that have been admitted to one of our masters degree programs at our Madrid headquarters in Spain.

How to Apply?

Remember that the whole process is done before paying the registration fee (600€).

Download all the information needed to apply for your scholarship.


  • Candidate profile must be relevant to the program.
  • Must not be a permanent resident in Spain or temporarily residing in the country as a student.
  • Must hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and have the relevant university certificate prior to starting one of our programs.
  • Minimum academic record average of 3,5/5,0 or 7/10,0 or 14/20 (or its equivalent according to the grading scale of each country).

Selection criteria

  • Scholarships will be awarded according to academic achievement and professional profile, as well as using the information provided by the candidate to support of their application and demonstrate their capacity to make the most of the program.
  • Scholarships will be awarded on a first come first served basis until all the available scholarships have been granted.
  • There is a limited number of scholarships available.
  • Communication and social skills, the ability to work in a team, approach and motivation will all be taken into account.

Types of Scholarships and Amounts

Professional Development Scholarship

50% off the price of the Master (excluding enrollment fee). All students applying for a scholarship are automatically considered for this scholarship.

Leadership Scholarship

15% additional discount off the price of the master (excluding enrollment fee).

Candidates with professional experience and realistic expectations of new responsibilities.


  1. Must have been granted the professional Development Scholarship
  2. Minimum academic record average of 4/5,0 or 8/10,0 or 16/20 (or its equivalent according to the grading scale of each country).
  3. Professional experience.
  4. Submission of research proposal to be carried out during stay in Spain.

Excellence Scholarship

30% additional discount off the price of the master (excluding enrollment fee).

For candidates with excellent academic records who have not yet started working professionally.


  1. Must have been granted the Professional Development scholarship
  2. Minimum academic record average of 4,4/5,0 or 9/10,0 or 18/20 (or its equivalent according to the grading scale of each country).
  3. Under 30 years of age.
  4. Submission of research proposal to carry out during your stay in Spain.
  5. Family and special economic circumstances will be taken into account.

Documentation to be included

  • Correctly filled out Application for the scholarship (request from
  • Copy of the Student Acceptance Letter from the program for which the scholarship is requested.
  • Photocopy of valid passport.
  • Up to date curriculum.
  • Certified copy of the University Degree or study certificate from the candidate’s country of origin with the required Apostille.
  • Official transcript of university Marks and Grade Point Average.
  • Cover letter outlining how the candidate expects the program to positively influence their professional development.
  • Leadership Scholarship: a document from the candidate’s employer and professional references describing the candidate’s professional responsibilities and indicating the role / contact details for the director or manager providing the reference.
  • Leadership and Excellence Scholarship: Research proposal.

Admission and Enrollment

For information on how to enroll and the admissions process please send an email to 


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