Internships and Job Exchange

The professional practices are essential element and differential of our Masters.

The effort made by the student is rewarded with the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge acquired to complete his training, accumulating experience and helping to build a curriculum as a professional.

At the end of the school year, paid internships for a period of 3 or 6 months (depending on the decision and availability of each student) in companies, institutions and consulting and communication are guaranteed.

During this period, students are advised and supported by an academic supervisor who establishes the objectives to be achieved during the internships.

The students of our Higher Programs receive an innovative training adapted to their rapid integration into a job or to improve their professional development and employment situation, as well a guidance to improve their employability.

Our close relationship with companies, organizations and consultants allows our students to access new job opportunities with all the guarantees of success and a high volume of participation in the selection processes for hiring at all levels, functions and sectors.

Here are some of the companies and organizations that collaborate with us with internships and job offers:

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