Master in Sports & Entertainment Communication

  • Modalidad Classroom
  • Idioma Spanish
  • Duración From February till June 2020
  • Horario Monday to Friday, from 16:30h to 21:00h
  • Prácticas Guaranteed
  • Matriculación Open

A pioneering master in the main sectors

The Master in Sports & Entertainment Communication (MSEC) prepares to face the reality of the Sports & Entertainment Communication business in the current scenario, in order to obtain a relevant profile in to the market for its technical and management skills.

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  • Why choose this program
  • Program and Contents
  • Who this course is for?
  • Faculty
  • Methodology and Assessment
  • Work placements
  • International Scholarships
  • Cost, application and admission

Why choose this program

  • Develop an attitude of study and analysis to identify trends, needs and desires of different audiences.
  • Learn how to manage any organization related to the sectors: leisure, sport and entertainment.
  • Coordinate, integrate, give coherence, design and take initiatives with an integral vision of communication.
  • Found the resources of marketing and public relations tools, especially the experiential and digital ones.
  • Consolidate a vision of entertainment, leisure and sports management as an ideal instrument to favor business change, with an important potential for transforming societies and generating wealth, sustainability and well-being.
  • Identify how to measure the quality and results of your work so that you can demonstrate the added value of your performance.
  • Coordinate multidisciplinary and international teams for local and global brands.
  • Acquire the skills to project internally and externally the goals, development and results of brand experience and lifestyle strategies.
  • Develop the management and communication skills that every professional in the sector must possess to coordinate people, projects and budgets.

Program and Contents

The MSEC will immerse you in an exciting and constantly evolving profession. By the end of the program you will have mastered the knowledge and skills needed to successfully address the challenges that you will face during your career.

The structure of this Masters Degree Program is divided into three basic areas of training that involve 1,500 hours of learning and are worth 60 ECTS credits. The relative weight of each area is:

Coursework: 47 ECTS
Masters Thesis: 5 ECTS
Work placements: 8 ECTS

Module 1: Economic Environment and Context5 ETCS

Economic intelligence (global context: political, social, economic and financial)
Information society and public opinion
International panorama of the Media
Digital environment: New channels and formats
Other agents of interest: Cultural nurseries, incubators and accelerators of projects, specialised investment funds, crowdfunding and patronage
Communication´s deontology and ethics.
Legal framework in the digital economy

Module 2: Research5 ETCS

Research for the strategy: Qualitative and quantitative research methods
Search and management of insights
Trend research
Analysis, measurement and metrics
Balanced Scorecard (Balanced Scorecard)

Module3: Communication, Branding y Public Relations7 ETCS

Millennials, Generation Z and Digital Revolution
Media and Channels: how to reach the global audience
The new codes of digital sport
Management of communication in eSports
Creation and dynamization of content in social networks from the theoretical part
Entertainment PR: celebrities, influencers and brand ambassadors
Sponsorship / sponsorship
Communication and Marketing Plan

Module 4: Sport7 ETCS

History and evolution of communication and sports marketing
Sport and corporate social responsibility
Sport on the internet and social networks
International sports communication
Sports rights
Economic and financial management in sports organisations
Sport event management
Introduction to the Representation: Representation agencies, agent as intermediary, sports representative and musical manager

Module 5: eSports6 ETCS

Industry, history and evolution of eSports
Identity, privacy and security. The right of
New business models: communication and sports marketing associated with eSports
Organisation of eSports events
Genres: MOBAS’s, RTS, FPS, Fighting

Module 6: Entertainment & Leisure7 ETCS

The entertainment industry. Future trends and forecasts. Global market and regional characteristics
New technologies and connected society: new languages, new products and markets in the live entertainment and entertainment sector
Entrepreneurship. Internet: business evolution and technological capabilities applied to leisure and entertainment. Websites, entertainment content portals, digital platforms and distribution
Legal management in the entertainment industry
Special features of main genres: musicals, circus shows, theatre, dance…
Entertainment agents: creator, representative, producer, financier, promoter, exhibitor, public agent
Tourism and globalization: new audiences, new habits and new channels. Leisure as a driver of economic and commercial activity
Entertainment and sports in the tourism sector

Module 7: Personal and directive skills5 ETCS

Leadership and emotional intelligence
Change management and innovation
Mindfulness and coaching
Management of people and interpersonal conflicts. Negotiation techniques
Personal brand and digital profile
Effective presentations and improvisation techniques
Written and interpersonal communication
Speaker training
Public speaking and communication: speeches, debates and elaboration of arguments

Module 8: Visits, Masterclass & Blog5 ETCS

Corporate visits
Personal Blog

Who this course is for?

  • Students who wish to specialise in communications and new digital environments.
  • International students who want to pursue higher education in Spain and Spanish graduates aiming for professional development in the international market.
  • Latin America is given special attention due to its huge growth potential and demand for specialized training.
  • The Master will bring together students from different nationalities for their personal, academic and professional growth.


The teaching staff is made up of active professionals with extensive international experience and expertise in specific areas, a comprehensive and integrated vision of communication and a proven teaching track record.

Carlos García

Director Comercial y Marketing


Eduardo Irastorza

Director de Programas


Georgina Barquin Rotchford

Consultora en Comunicación Efectiva en entornos multiculturales


Gina Gulberti

Vice President of Digital Marketing


Javier Martínez

International Business Development Board Advisor

(Global Sports Innovation Center)

Laura Redondo Rivera

Corporate Purchasing Manager

(Tendam- Grupo Cortefiel)

Patricia Martínez Aguirre


(Build Your Best)

Ramiro McTersse



Methodology and Assessment


Small groups: maximum 25 students
Study Mode: classroom
Theoretical and practical approach
Active training to promote strategic thinking
Successful transnational and current case studies
Lectures by managers and professionals from the sector
Visits to leading companies, organizations, consultancy firms and media outlets


Assessment of skills and knowledge for each subject and unit
Individual and team exercises
Masters Thesis: development of a communication plan
Personal brand building and creation of a personal blog

Degree awarded

Masters Degree issued by the Escuela Internacional de Comunicación
Masters Degree issued by the Centro de Estudios Universitarios CEDEU, Rey Juan Carlos University

Work placements

  • At the end of the academic year all students can participate in a three-month paid internship in a communications department or a communications agency.
  • A free Professional Video Curriculum service is available for all those who want to record and distribute an audiovisual document to summarize their professional trajectory.

International Scholarships

We want to invigorate your career and help you maximize its full potential.

To ensure that costs do not become a hurdle to accessing our courses, a wide range of scholarships and financial assistance is available.

Who can Apply?

International students that have been admitted to one of our Masters degree programs at our Madrid headquarters in Spain.

How to Apply?

Remember that the whole process takes place before paying the enrollment fee (€700).

Descarga toda la información necesaria para solicitar tu beca

Types of Scholarships and Amounts

Professional Development Scholarship

40% off the price of the Master (excluding enrollment fee).

All students applying for a scholarship are automatically considered for this scholarship.

Leadership Scholarship

15% additional discount off the price of the master (excluding enrollment fee).

Candidates with professional experience and realistic expectations of new responsibilities.

  1. Must have been granted the professional development scholarship.
  2. Minimum academic record average of 4/5,0 or 8/10,0 or 16/20 (or its equivalent according to the grading scale of each country).
  3. Professional experience.
  4. Submission of research proposal to be carried out during stay in Spain.

Excellence Scholarship

30% additional discount off the price of the master (excluding enrollment fee).

For candidates with excellent academic records who have not yet started working professionally.

  1. Must have been granted the Professional Development scholarship.
  2. Minimum academic record average of 4,4/5,0 or 9/10,0 or 18/20 (or its equivalent according to the grading scale of each country).
  3. Under 30 years of age.
  4. Submission of research proposal to carry out during your stay in Spain.
  5. Family and special economic circumstances will be taken into account.

Submission dates

Deadline for applications: October, 07th 2019
Deadline for payment of enrolment fee (once the scholarship is granted): November, 25th 2019
Deadline for payment of the entire amount (after applying the discount): January, 20th 2019

(*) Deadline general reference. Each candidate will receive individual communications according to their personal calendar as the processing of their file.

Cost, application and admission

12.700 € (700€ enrolment fee)

To evaluate your candidacy as a student of this program you must provide:

  • Correctly filled out Application Form for the MSEC program
  • An up to date curriculum

In addition, in order to complete the admission process, the following documentation must be submitted:

  • Certified copy of the University Degree or study certificate from the candidate’s country of origin with the required Apostille. Should it not be in Spanish, an official translation of the document will also be required.
  • Official transcript of university marks with the necessary Apostille.
  • Cover letter outlining how the candidate expects the program to positively influence their professional development.
  • Photocopy of valid passport and residence card (if applicable).
  • Two passport photos.

For further information on how to enroll, email us at

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