Ecuador - International Workshop: Dircom, communication manager

Ecuador – International Workshop: Dircom, communication manager

Next November 19, 2015 in Guayaquil (Ecuador) will be held international workshop: Dircom, communication manager that will feature Adrian Cordero member of the Advisory Board of EIC.

This meeting will discuss what the role of dircom within organizations and what the training should have good communication director for achieving your professional goals and corporate objectives.

Throughout the years, the role of the Communication Manager has been consolidated in organizations and assuming more powers, since it is responsible for designing the overall communication strategy for different interest groups or public purpose (Stakeholder) , control positioning, branding and perception, directly manage the different areas that depend on the direction of communication, coordinate public relations organization, press relations and media actively participate in the development sector communication and develop the direct and personal contact with the external public. Communication Manager in the external environment brings notoriety, reputation, recruitment, and retention. Internally, it provides information, communication and loyalty. However, one of the requirements of the communications director for the twenty-first century is its ability to measure the quality and results of management, so that it can demonstrate the added value of communication management, which leads him to master different collection techniques data and to generate indicators that reflect the quality of the communication process in the organization.

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