Higher Program in Communication & Public Relations Consulting

  • Study Mode Presential / Part time
  • Language Spanish
  • Duration From march to june 2020
  • Timetable From monday to friday / 19:00h to 21:30h
  • Work placements Employment exchange
  • Enrollment International Scholarships

Work at the best agencies

• The Advanced Program on Communications Consultancy and Public Relations (PSCRP) is an innovative formative proposal in its objectives and its methodology. It answers to a real demand on behalf of clients and consulting agencies. This program is designed for professionals who are interested in receiving a valuable hands-on experience that will enhance their resumes and turn them into the ideal candidates for any communications agency.

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  • The Reason Why of this Program
  • Program & content
  • For whom?
  • Faculty
  • Methodology and evaluation
  • Employment exchange
  • Scholarships and financing
  • Cost, application and admission

The Reason Why of this Program

  • You will be able to detect and channel the client's communication needs.
  • Develop analytical capacity and strategic planning skills.
  • Learn to coordinate, integrate, give coherence, design and take initiatives with an integral vision of the agency's work.
  • Transform a briefing into a strategic proposal and an action plan, as well as prepare your presentation and negotiate the resulting collaboration agreement.
  • You will be prepared to apply criteria of viability and economic profitability in account management.
  • Acquire the skills for the design, planning and management of campaigns, including financial and management aspects of human and technical resources.
  • Enhance the creativity of the team.
  • You will have the ability to propose and implement systems and tools for measuring quality and results by objectives.

Program & content

Program and content of the Higher Program in Communication and Public Relations Consulting is an innovative training proposal in its objectives and methodology that responds to a real demand from clients and consultants.

The PSCRP provides professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully address the challenges posed by the market.

The 175-hour program (140 lessons and 35 case development), consists of seven modules in which the theoretical content is accompanied by team activities where the student must solve practical cases and participate in group dynamics.

Module 1: Sector and communication trends

Analysis of the role that communication plays in the management of companies and institutions of different types, the relevance of concepts such as reputation and intangible, as well as the study of the brand, its positioning and other fundamental aspects related to this area.
Communication as a management tool
Reputation and intangibles
Brand. Positioning Mission, vision and values
The communication and PR consulting sector

Module 2: Communication Plan

Work will be done on the briefing and the elements that make up an appropriate communication plan for each situation, with special attention to the selection of audiences, setting objectives and choosing the most appropriate strategy.
The investigation process
Objectives, strategies and creativity
Stakeholders and messages

Module 3: Campaigns and services

A practical vision of the work that communication agencies develop. During this module students will have access to the tools that professionals use daily.
Identification and relationship with influencers
Press and blogger office
Social Media and Digital PR
Crisis communication
RSC Social action
Storytelling and branded content
Internal communication
Event Management and Organization
Online and offline measurement tools
Project tracking and reporting

Module 4: Specialized Communication

Analysis and study of the particularities of communication applied to different types of clients, sectors and activities.
Institutional and public communication
Political communication
Consumer and lifestyle communication
Financial and legal communication
Health and environment communication
Social communication and NGOs
Industrial and technological sector communication

Module 5: Management of an agency and the client

Tour of the fundamental aspects that should be known about the agency, both at the management level and to optimize the relationship with customers.
The communication agency: structure and composition
Remuneration models for the communication professional
Clear and transparent budgets. Financial and supplier coordination
The communication department and the DirCom figure
Client-agency, ethical code, trust relationship and resolution of difficult situations
Models of contractual relationship

Module 6: Training and skills of communication professionals

The objective will be to provide the student with the skills expected of a communication consultant and enhance their communication skills to successfully overcome both a selection process and the management of a crisis as a spokesperson.
Leadership. Team coordination and interpersonal conflicts
Time management
Business skills
Oral communication techniques: negotiation and assertiveness
Written communication techniques
Efficient presentations
Skills and the ideal candidate. Video-curriculum and personal brand management
Speaking opportunities and spokesperson training

Module 7: Cases and briefings

The students will dedicate a good part of the program to solve real cases of full actuality, presented by agencies or clients, establishing dynamics of teamwork that solve the daily needs and that allow them to put into practice all the acquired knowledge and skills.

For whom?

  • The Higher Communication and Public Relations Consulting Program is aimed at young professionals related to the world of communication, journalism and business management who want to relaunch or reorient their career, as well as newly graduated university students who want to start their professional career in the communication and public relations consulting sector.
  • This program will allow them to update their knowledge and add valuable practical experience that will make their work profile more competitive, making them the perfect candidates for any communication agency.


Almudena Alonso



Amaia Arteta

Communication Manager


Ángela Villarejo

Consumer Communication & CSR Manager


Angélica Gómez

Consultora Senior


Antonio Sánchez

General Manager, Madrid Office

(Hill & Knowlton)

Augusto Leiva

Brand Manager

(Corporate Excellence)

Bárbara Navarro

Directora de área de consumo y nutrición

(Torres y Carrera)

Carlos Fernández-Villaverde

Director Asociado de Comunicación y Asuntos Públicos

(Planner Media)

Carlos Sánchez

Director adjunto

(El Confidencial)

Carlos Sánchez

Director adjunto

(El Confidencial)

César Chacón

Business Development & Marketing Director


Esther Presencio

Directora Madrid

(Canela PR)

Francisco Porras

Director General

(Weber Shandwick)

Gina Gulberti

Vice President of Digital Marketing


Ignacio Novo

Socio Fundador

(Ban Consultores)

Isabel Perancho

General Manager

(Planner Media)

Jerusalem Hernández

Senior Manager, Gobernance, Risk & Compliance


Jorge Fernández

Director Corporate Practice Leader Marcom Manager

(Porter Novelli / Omnicom PR Group)

Jorge Peidró

Director General

(Peidró Comunicación)

José Manuel Velasco


(Ex Global Alliance for Public Relations & Communication Management)

Juan Francisco Polo

Communications & Corporate Responsibility Director


Juan Luis Sánchez

Cofundador y subdirector


Ludi García

Directora General


Luis Arroyo


(Asesores de Comunicación Pública)

Luis Tejero


(MAS Consulting)

Mercedes Pescador

Fundadora y Directora General


Montserrat Escudero

Associate Director Public Affairs


Nuria Nieto

Creative Director

(Alicia Comunicación)

Pablo Alarcón

Director of External Communication Europe and Latam

(Sanitas y Bupa)

Paula Gómez-Roldán



Rafael Rubio

Profesor Titular Derecho Constitucional

(Universidad Complutense Madrid)

Rosa Matías

Directora de Proyectos

(Silvia Albert In Company)

Santiago de Juan

Manager Communications and Public Affairs South Europe & Africa

(Siemens Gamesa)

Silvia Peñalver

Director of Communications and PR


Methodology and evaluation


The approach of the program implies the active participation of the student in simulations of real communication projects, equivalent to two years of work in consulting.

Mixed teaching combining theoretical and practical concepts:
Theoretical modules
Practical application modules: briefings and contest dynamics on real and current cases, to be presented to agency executives and real clients
Modules of practical management of the agency and work for clients
Management and communication skills development modules

Active student participation:
Practical simulation. Each work group becomes a communication agency and presents its project competing against the rest
Assignment of a Teacher-Tutor for each work group
Changing composition of the working groups for each project

Development of a communication consulting project:
From the identification of needs and sales strategy, to the development of innovative and tangible proposals

Masterclass and events:
Throughout the program, students will be able to meet professionals from the communication sector who will explain the management model of their projects, exposing first-hand the challenges and trends that the market faces. They will also have the opportunity to attend different events outside the classroom.


The continuous evaluation process is based on the understanding and assimilation of theoretical knowledge and its application to the professional challenges posed by the different practical activities.
The theoretical modules will be evaluated through the application of their contents in practical activities and the assessment of their use by the members of the faculty staff.

The practical modules will be evaluated in tutoring and coaching sessions, as well as the results obtained in the different projects proposed.
An important element of evaluation will be to measure the ability of each student to build their own Personal Brand.

Degree awarded

Higher Program Diploma in Communication and Public Relations Consulting

Employment exchange

  • All students will receive adapted training for their quick integration into a job, as well as job guidance for improving employability and adapting to market demand.
  • During the development of the program the opportunity will be offered to interact with important agencies that regularly contemplate the hiring of personnel.
  • At the end of the school period, a meeting will be organized to offer students a contact with renowned consultants, so that the student can see first-hand job and internship offers.

Scholarships and financing

We want to boost your professional career and value your full potential. We are committed to people to contribute to the development of the sector and benefit the exchange of knowledge.
To prevent the economic aspect from preventing access to our studies, there is a wide range of scholarships and financial aid.

Who can opt?

Students who have been admitted to the Higher Program in Public Relations Consulting.

Scholarships will be analyzed in strict order of arrival. Exempt tuition.

The School reserves the right to assign and grant scholarships during the admission process. Remember that the whole process is carried out before paying the registration fee (€ 350).

Requirements to apply for a scholarship:

1. Having been admitted to the program after the admission process
2. That the profile of the applicant is related to the program
3. Be a graduate, be in possession of a university degree For more information on how to apply for a scholarship write to info@eicomunicacion.com

Types of scholarships and amounts

Our priority is to provide quality training to all people interested in improving their professional future.

  • 20% discount for early registration before February 20th, 2020
  • Special conditions for unemployed professionals
  • Special conditions for students recommended by companies associated with EIC and for former students
  • The registration fee is exempt from discount
  • Find out about our payment facilities

Scholarship Agreements


40% discount on the price of the Program (not including the cost of tuition).

Additional requirement to apply for this scholarship:

That the company that prescribes the student is an ADECEC Partner

Additional documentation: Documentation accrediting the company as ADECEC Partner


20% discount on the price of the Program (not including the cost of tuition).

Additional requirement to apply for this scholarship:

That the company that prescribes the student is a Dircom Partner

Additional documentation: Documentation accrediting the company as Dircom Partner


20% discount on the price of the Program (not including the cost of tuition).

Additional requirement to apply for this scholarship:

That the company that prescribes the student is an APRI Partner

Additional documentation: Documentation accrediting the company as APRI Partner


20% discount on the price of the Program (not including the cost of tuition).

Additional requirement to apply for this scholarship:

That the company that prescribes the student is a DCH Partner

Additional documentation: Documentation accrediting the company as DCH Partner


  • Deadline for payment of tuition after the granting of the scholarship: February, 20th 2020
  • Deadline for payment of the program: March, 06th 2020

To request more information about financing, write to us at: info@eicomunicacion.com

Cost, application and admission

€ 3.350 (€ 350 enrollment fee)

To evaluate your candidacy as a student of this program you must provide:

  • Correctly filled out Application Form for the PSCRP program.
  • An up to date curriculum.
  • Two passport pictures.
  • Certified copy of the University Degree or study certificate from the candidate’s country of origin with the required Apostille. Should it not be in Spanish, an official translation of the document will also be required.
  • Cover letter outlining how the candidate expects the program to positively influence their professional development.

    For further information on how to enroll, email us at secretaria@eicomunicacion.com

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